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My name is Sharon and I am a fully qualified Counsellor offering therapy from a calm and inviting counselling suite in Macclesfield. I offer both couples counselling and counselling for individuals.

As well as offering face to face sessions, I also offer online counselling where we can meet remotely by video, allowing you the comfort and convenience of being in your own home.

Working with respect and integrity, together we will create a warm, empathic and non-judgemental space in which you can explore any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Seeking Counselling

Life can throw all sorts of things at us, events that feel confusing or painful. Situations that create feelings of anxiety or guilt. Sometimes we can feel a deep sadness or sense of unhappiness that we're finding it hard to move on from. These feelings might be difficult to talk about with people you know or you might be finding it hard to resolve them yourself, so if you need to talk...I am here to listen to you.

Perhaps you've been thinking about having counselling for a while, maybe one day you feel really low or 'stuck' but the next day OK again and the thought of ringing a Counsellor goes away. But maybe that feeling is still lurking somewhere and rears its head again a few days later. You might be worried that your problems aren't important enough to see a Counsellor or that you might not know what to say to me, or you might even be questioning whether you deserve help. These thoughts are more common than you think. Don't forget...I'm a trained Counsellor and so it's my job to help you through this process.

If you find yourself going back and forth thinking "do I really need counselling?", maybe an alternative question to ask could be "might I benefit from counselling?"

How counselling can help

Counselling can help you to understand how you are feeling, it can create a platform for positive changes and give you a confidential space so that you can be open and honest – a place where you don't have to minimise how you feel or have to put on a brave face.

Counselling can help to improve communication and relationships. By exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, you will gain new insight into how you came to be the person you are today.

We can't always change the situation around us but counselling can help you to change the way you feel about it. Counselling can help couples to really hear each other and how to communicate effectively. Most of all (and I feel really passionate about this), it can help you to grow and build a better relationship with YOU.

If you'd like to book an initial session with me, please do get in touch. Once we've had an initial session, you can then decide whether you'd like to work with me further. If you have any questions about working with me...it's OK to ask – that's what I'm here for. Feel free to call or email me and I'll do my best to respond quickly.

Issues and Worries

It's difficult to provide an exhaustive list of issues that counselling can help with...here are just a few:

Loss / Bereavement
Low Self Esteem / Confidence
Destructive/repeating patterns of behaviour
Anxiety / Stress
Unresolved childhood issues
Relationship difficulties

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